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Jabaly Law’s extensive experience in the complex and largely administrative field of immigration law allows us to help process petitions and applications successfully and as quickly as the process allows.

Immigration Law is a dynamic and constantly changing field that involves meeting a morass of federal requirements and cooperating with different national departments and agencies. Knowing that the immigration process can take years, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer. 

As a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Mr. Jabaly is always up-to-date with changing immigration laws and application procedures. He has successfully represented clients in removal proceedings, naturalization interviews, waivers, employment petitions, adjustment applications, changes of status and family-based petitions. He has similarly advised clients, especially “persons of extraordinary ability” in the medical field, on employment-based petitions and related matters and procedures. 

Jabaly Law helps clients resolve these and other legal matters:
  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • Green Card
  • Asylum 
  • Temporary Protection Status
  • Deportation or Removal Defense
  • Advance Parole
  • Representation at Immigration Custom Enforcement
  • Temporary Work Visa
  • Immigration Strategies
  • Immigration Litigation and Appeals
  • Change of Nonimmigrant Status
  • Employment-based Immigrant Visas
    • Persons of Extraordinary Ability
    • Aliens of Advanced Degrees, Exceptional Ability
    • Skilled Workers, Professional and Other Workers
    • R Religious Worker Visas
    • EB-1
    • EB-2
    • EB-5 Investor Visas
  • Employment-based Nonimmigrant Visas
    • H-1B Professional Worker Visas
    • L Intra-Company Transfer Visas
    • J Exchange Visitor Visas
    • J1 Waivers
    • R Religious Worker Visas
    • TN Professional Visas
  • Family-based Immigrant Visas
    • Adoption Petitions
    • Fiancé(e) Visas
    • Marriage-based Petitions
    • Relative Petitions
    • Removal of Conditions

“Peter answered his phone on a Saturday evening when I expected to leave a voicemail. I explained my situation and he offered to review all of the contract documentation and provide a consultation. After reviewing everything Sunday, we spoke Monday evening, and he spent a significant amount of time with me on the phone explaining the details of the contract and his thoughts. He made sure all my questions were answered during the consultation. To my surprise, he actually followed-up via phone about a week later to inquire whether or not my situation had improved. Unfortunately, it hadn't at the time so I may still need to work with Peter again, but I was blown away with his follow-up.”

Anonymous rated Jabaly Law:

Although a New York judge may have ordered service on a defendant through the Facebook messenger application, a Virginia court wouldn’t likely do that. Under Virginia Code Section 8.01-296, a dodgy defendant would probably be served by order of publication.