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Jabaly Law is a reputable immigration, family and personal injury law firm based in the Washington metropolitan area.  The firm aims to be the confident, go-to choice for challenging legal matters and demanding disputes. Jabaly Law is able to meet a range of legal needs by combining practical skill and experience with comprehensive in-depth knowledge of law. Jabaly Law is committed to creating effective solutions for all its clients during their times of need. Jabaly Law works diligently for each and every one of our clients, providing them with attentive bespoke legal services and high-quality counseling they require at every step. The firm pays close attention to client needs, making every effort to achieve the most favorable results possible under the law. 

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Although a New York judge may have ordered service on a defendant through the Facebook messenger application, a Virginia court wouldn’t likely do that. Under Virginia Code Section 8.01-296, a dodgy defendant would probably be served by order of publication.