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Jabaly Law is a reputable family and immigration law firm based in the Washington metropolitan area. 

Jabaly Law aims to be the confident, go-to choice for challenging legal matters and demanding disputes. The law firm is able to meet a range of legal needs by combining practical skill and experience with comprehensive in-depth knowledge of law. It is committed to creating effective solutions for all our clients during their times of need.

Jabaly Law works diligently for each and every one of its clients, providing them with attentive bespoke legal services and high-quality counseling they require at every step. The firm pays close attention to client needs, making every effort to achieve the most favorable results possible under the law. 


With many years of legal experience in a variety of settings, I have acquired a wide range of practical knowledge, a profound understanding of the law and deference to the legal profession’s rules of conduct that I resolutely bring to my own law practice. 

My career began at the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General, where I worked while attending Rutgers Law School. My invaluable experience in government gave my insight into the importance of teamwork. Whether collaborating with associates or providing for and consulting with clients, attentive and clear communication is necessary to develop strategic action plans that meet client goals. From litigation to drafting agreements, I generally employ a creative and elegant approach to my work.

Working in the public sector prepared me to seamlessly transition into private practice working on behalf of companies, families and individuals where the government is often on the other side of the dispute. My experience led me to establish Jabaly Law, a firm that allowed me to merge my enthusiasm for family law with that of immigration law. My passion for vindicating the rights of the injured has led me to expand to another practice area, personal injury.

I seek to provide my clients with competent and effective representation that enhances their integrity and that of my profession. Recognized by my clients for my professionalism, advocacy and adeptness, I strive to be a “change maker,” as one client once said about me. I seek to provide my clients with competent and effective representation that maintains their integrity and that of the profession. I cherish the trust the public has placed in me. 

I was recently named one of Virginia’s 10 Best Family Law Attorneys by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. I am also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), a not-for-profit voluntary bar organization that provides continuing legal education and expertise in immigration law, the District of Columbia Bar’s Litigation and Intellectual Property Sections and the Alexandria Bar Association. 

As a legal researcher and competent writer, I regularly publish articles related to business and intellectual property in the Oxford Journal of Intellectual Property & Practice. It is exceedingly rewarding and valuable that I can practice business law at my business law firm, Coppola & Jabaly, PLLC, because I often use it to create value for my immigration and family law clients at Jabaly Law. 

In addition to English, I am also fluent in French and Arabic and regularly travel to other countries to encounter various cultures and people, which helps inform my own relationship with clients from around the world. 

I am barred in the District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York and Virginia. I am also admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Virginia, the District of New Jersey and the District of Columbia. I am also admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Jabaly is a regular contributor on avvo and highly talented. I am proud to endorse him."

“Mr. Peter Jabaly's legal services were recommended by a good friend, when I was looking for legal help due to injuries sustained from two automobile accidents. It was a very difficult time for me personally, and I was also wary of not being able to rely on honest legal help. Mr. Jabaly's professionalism and level-headedness was my saving grace throughout. Mr. Jabaly did not go the extra mile---he went an extra 50 miles for me. Mr. Jabaly is very knowledgeable in his field, and has exceptional analytical skills. Mr. Jabaly also thinks quickly on his feet, which was important throughout negotiations with the other parties.Throughout these discussions with the other parties, Mr. Jabaly also had the foresight to negotiate and lower the amount I owed my Physical Therapist, which was very helpful. With each settlement offer sent and received, Mr. Jabaly was always clear in laying out and explaining all my options, in order to make the best decision possible. He was great in keeping the communication line open between us at all times. From the beginning, Mr. Jabaly was very fair and honest in laying out the realities of my cases, all the scenarios that could happen, and all the various results as well. Not once, throughout the duration of these cases, did I doubt that Mr. Jabaly did not have my best financial AND personal interests at heart.I am happy and extremely satisfied with the outcome of my cases, a large part of it is due to Mr. Jabaly's hard work. While he always maintained a professional attitude, he was always sincere in his commitment to my cases, and in his concern for my health as well. There is no doubt in my mind that if I ever need legal help again, he will be my only choice.”

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Although a New York judge may have ordered service on a defendant through the Facebook messenger application, a Virginia court wouldn’t likely do that. Under Virginia Code Section 8.01-296, a dodgy defendant would probably be served by order of publication.